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المهارات الإشرافية المتقدمة
برنامج تطوير المشرف

مهارات تحليل وضع الفشل والتحليل الأكثر تأثيرا علي أداء المعدات FMECA
رفع مستوى المعرفة فى FMECA

3D Structural Analysis and Design for Structural Steel Building

Advanced Enterprise Risk Management
Fully Embedding the ERM Process

Advanced Finance & Accounting Strategies in the Oil & Gas Industry
Financial Strategies Relevant for the 21st Century

Advanced Financial Statements Analysis
Evaluation And Interpretation of Financial Position and Performance

Advanced Health & Safety Management

Advanced Investment Appraisal Workshop
Improve your Decision-Making Skills with the Latest Forecasting and Evaluation Techniques

Advanced Logistics & Material Management
Improving Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Inventory & Administration

A Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)® Pre-approved Training Course
Basics of Human Resources Management
HR Administration, Recruitment, Training, Reward & Employee Support

Cost Accounting and Cost Management in Oil Refineries

Crude Oil and Refined Products Sales, Marketing, Trading and Risk Management

Directional, Horizontal and Sidetrack Drilling

Electrical Equipment & Control Systems
Commissioning, Testing & Start-Up of Electrical Systems

Excellence in Warehouse and Inventory
Best Practices for Managing & Improving Warehouse, Inventory and Stock Control Operations

Implementation of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems

Inventory & Stock Control Management

Maintenance Contracting & Outsourcing

Managing Conflicts & Difficult Situations
The Complete Guide in Handling People’s Behaviour Effectively

Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Accounting & Performance Measurement
Measuring Financial Performance to Ensure Future Profitability, Liquidity and Growth

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