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Geneva is a Swiss City that lies at the southern tip of Lake Geneva and is surrounded by the Alps and Jura Mountains. It is renowned not only as a global hub for diplomacy and banking, but as an international financial centre and is the European base for many Swiss and global organisations including the European United Nations and the Red Cross.

Often referred to as the ‘City of Peace’, GLOMACS has chosen Geneva as the venue for a variety of our most popular and acclaimed Management and Project Management training courses and seminars, including the Leadership Masterclass and Mastering Project Management.

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November 2020

Code Title Date Venue Fees
MG074 Leadership - Masterclass 02 - 06 Nov 2020 Geneva - Switzerland $5,950
MG075 Leadership and Management Masterclass 02 - 13 Nov 2020 Geneva - Switzerland $11,900
MG076 Management - Masterclass 09 - 13 Nov 2020 Geneva - Switzerland $5,950
PM007 Mastering Project Management 09 - 13 Nov 2020 Geneva - Switzerland $5,950
CM039 The Contracts & Project Management MBA 09 - 20 Nov 2020 Geneva - Switzerland $11,900
CM035 Mastering Contracts Management: The Oxford 5-Day MBA 16 - 20 Nov 2020 Geneva - Switzerland $5,950

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