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Knowledge Skill Gap in Dubai

At GLOMACS, we work with organisations around the world to deliver certified training courses in Dubai that upskill and develop their talent.

There is a clear need for the training course in Dubai – in fact, US Management consultancy Korn Ferry recently published a report predicting the demand for skilled workers is soon to outgrow the supply. According to the report, this will result in a global talent crunch of more than 85.2 million people by 2030.

So why do you need to enroll on a GLOMACS training course in Dubai? Well, it is clear that there disconnect between what future talent is being taught in universities and academic institutions and the demands of the job market. While on one hand there is a growing demand for the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, on the other, there is a greater demand for soft skills and communication-related and Project Management related skills sets. This is why we at GLOMACS have built a reputation as being the preferred training partner for more than 750 institutions in the UAE and internationally.

We believe that our training courses in Dubai not only empower individuals who choose to upskill themselves through certified training courses but also organisations who recognize the value of developing their talent with our 5 and 10-day short training courses in Dubai

Ultimately, talent with industry recognized skills are in demand, and we are helping organisations future proof themselves by staying ahead of the game and demands of an ever evolving work culture with our training courses in Dubai.

GLOMACS is Bridging the Global Skill’s Gap with Training Courses in Dubai

GLOMACS has been operating for more than 30 years, and over the last 3 decades, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted training centers in Dubai and the UAE. We partner with our clients to bridge the global skills gap and provide them with the training courses they need: from Project management and Public Relations to Leadership and Finance.

We also run certified and accredited training courses in Dubai such as:

At GLOMACS we deliver more than just training courses: we provide our delegates with internationally recognized and certified learning experiences that are designed to meet the rigors of the ever changing job-market. Our learning outcomes are focused on employability and emerging market needs. Our trainers are cognizant of the market’s shifts and we implement non-traditional methods of teaching.

Certified Training Course in Dubai

Train your talent and develop your career with GLOMACS

We believe in the importance of talent development, and for the last 3 decades our certified training courses in Dubai have welcome professionals from international destinations across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

We are trusted by local and international organisations who recognize that we are one of the best international training providers in Dubai and internationally, with a commitment to the quality of training we deliver, and the qualifications and accreditation’s we hold.

In addition, we are an accredited training provider, regulated by the UAE government authority, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Delegates registering on a GLOMACS certified training course in Dubai can be confident that they are partnering with Dubai’s most trusted training provider, licensed by the KHDA.

GLOMACS offers you a wide range of Certified training courses to meet your professional requirements. Each Certified training course is uniquely designed in conjunction with accrediting bodies such as the CPDPMIILMHRCIISOIAMNEBOSHIIBA, SSC, KHDA, and NASBA. Rest assured, like all GLOMACS training courses, our certified training courses are explicitly designed with the needs of the professional in mind.

Take the next step to train your talent and develop your career with GLOMACS by contacting us today.