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25 - 29 Dec 2023 Dubai - UAE $5,950
08 - 12 Apr 2024 London - UK $5,950
17 - 21 Jun 2024 Barcelona - Spain $5,950
23 - 27 Dec 2024 Dubai - UAE $5,950
Course Description


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and oil and gas is no exception. A strong understanding of the technologies behind AI is an essential requirement for oil and gas professionals involved in contract management and negotiations to stay up to date with the latest trends in their industry and to reap the full benefits of AI by providing the necessary supervision for implementing AI in their respective domain of work. AI is changing the manner in which contracts are being managed in oil and gas business by automating several tasks previously done manually. With the assistance of AI, oil and gas professionals can now streamline their workflow in terms of contract drafting, negotiation, and management- thereby, mitigating risks and potentially saving considerable time and cost.

The adoption of standard contracts in oil and gas business has been seen for long as an effective tool to save time/cost and increasing efficiencies etc. However, AI technology has many more benefits for oil and gas professionals by allowing them to focus on critical tasks in terms of contract negotiations, managing client relationships to drive productivity and effectiveness, improving accuracy, and enhancing overall security. 

In this highly interactive course, the implementation of AI in contract drafting, negotiation, and management will be examined from various angles to ensure that participants build a comprehensive understating of AI application in contracts relevant to their industries. For example, contract creation and reviewing drafting where AI is used to create customised contracts to meet the parties’ specific needs by analysing data from past contracts and identifying relevant terms and conditions etc. The course will examine how AI analyses contracts to identify errors of significant terms and conditions, such as payment terms, liabilities, indemnities, warranties, termination clauses etc.

This GLOMACS AI and Oil & Gas Contract Management training course will highlight:

  • Comprehensive understanding of what AI technology is in the context of contract management- what it can and what it cannot do
  • AI application for some key contractual arrangements in the oil and gas sector
  • Contractual Risk Management Issues and AI
  • The role of AI in contractual Insurance, Indemnities, Liabilities, Force Majeure
  • AI and Negotiation tools and tactics
  • The role of AI in dispute resolution in cross border and international contracts


At the end of this AI and Oil and Gas Contract Management training course, you will learn to:

  • Understanding in depth some key contractual arrangements in the oil and gas business and the structure of contracting
  • Master and comprehensively understand the role of AI in oil and gas contracts
  • Identifying the application of AI technology in mitigating risk factors and managing those risks through effective contractual clauses
  • Learn how AI technology can support drafting appropriate contractual clauses in oil and gas contracts
  • Evaluate the role of AI in dispute resolution process and how it will apply it in different scenarios
  • A contextual understanding of AI technology, and evolution, helping you to make relevant predictions for its future trajectory in oil and gas contracts

Training Methodology

In this AI and Oil and Gas Contract Management training course, participants will gain greater understanding of the subject matter through presentations by an experienced international practitioner designed to both inform and broaden the perspectives of the participants. Case studies will be reviewed and discussed bearing in mind some of the realistic scenarios participants have encountered. Interactive discussions on problems and possible solutions will be encouraged.

Organisational Impact

Your organisation will benefit by:

  • Personnel in the organisation will be conversant with the role of AI technology in oil and gas contracts
  • Having a full understanding of the AI in the context of fundamental legal principles relevant to oil and gas business
  • Being able to anticipate and deal with issues and ramifications pertinent to the role of AI in oil and gas contracts
  • Strategizing on risk management techniques that can be used in the Oil and Gas contracts
  • Senior management know the application of AI technology to enable them to negotiate more favorable terms and conditions of oil and gas contracts for upstream and downstream

Personal Impact

The participant shall benefit through attending this AI and Oil and Gas Contract Management training course by:

  • Gain the ability to formulate a comprehensive thought out approach to the application of AI in oil and gas contracting
  • Obtain in depth understanding of what AI can and cannot do to negotiate a more preferred oil and gas contracts clauses
  • Manage and production and commercial risks through better AI understanding and the relative role in drafting contract clauses
  • Demonstrate a professional understanding of apportioning risk and liability between the parties to the oil and gas contracts
  • Work out a modern contracting strategy to meet company’s goals
  • Learn how AI can support customising bespoke contracts suited to needs of their company


This  AI and Oil and Gas Contract Management training course will benefit all levels of personnel involved in any aspect of project procurement and implementation in the oil and gas sector.  It will enable a broad range of disciplines to appreciate and understand the complexities of this industry, and how best to manage risk.

This GLOMACS AI and Oil and Gas Contract Management training course is appropriate to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Senior Managers
  • Legal Managers, Legal Counsel
  • Commercial and Business Managers
  • Contracts Administrators, and Managers
  • Commercial, Financial and Insurance Professionals
  • Project and General Management
Course Outline


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Oil and Gas Contracts

  • Overview of the oil and gas business- Upstream and downstream contracting
    • Licensing and contractual arrangements
  • Emergence of AI and its application in society and business
  • What can AI do and what it can’s do?
  • The benefits and risks of using AI tools for contract negotiation
  • Contract Formation: terms and conditions


AI in Oil and Gas Contract Drafting: Enhancing Speed and Compliance

  • Can AI draft an oil and gas contract?
  • Remedies of breach of contracts
  • Damages: Compensatory, consequential and incidental damages, liquidated damages
  • Termination of contracts: AI role?
  • The traditional oil and gas contract drafting process
  • Limitations and challenges faced in traditional drafting methods
  • Benefits of AI in the contract drafting process
  • Best practices for implementing AI for contract drafting


AI in Oil and Gas Contract Negotiations: How to do so profitably?

  • Negotiating Oil and Gas Contracts
    • Production Sharing Contracts (PSC)
    • Joint Venture and Joint Operation Agreements (JOA)
  • Fundamental legal principles
  • Commercial realities
  • Cultural and language issues
  • The application of AI in negotiating oil and gas contracts
  • Liability clauses
  • Contractual indemnity
  • Insurance provisions


AI and Contract Management

  • Risk Management and AI
  • The role of AI in contract management
  • Sending payment reminders, contract renewals reminders
  • Tracking contracts performance
  • Identifying any potential breaches of contract
  • Managing end-to-end contracting workflow
  • How data collection becomes another metric to be analysed and used in optimising contract negotiations
  • Indemnity and Exclusion Clauses: Why the need and the role of AI?
  • Performance & Penalties
  • Force Majuere, Change in Law and other Disputes


AI role in Dispute Resolution under Cross Border / International Agreements

  • The emergence of AI and its application in dispute avoidance
  • AI and developing negotiation strategies in dispute avoidance under oil & gas contracts
  • Arbitration & mediation – Important differences
  • Mediation and conciliation, adjudication, dispute boards - save time and costs
  • Enforcement of international arbitration awards under the new york convention
  • Contemporary developments in case law and legislation
  • On successful completion of this training course, GLOMACS Certificate will be awarded to the delegates
  • Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE) : In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsor, one CPE credit is granted per 50 minutes of attendance
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