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We currently have no scheduled session for this Course. If you are interested in running this course, please contact our Training Department at [email protected]

Course Description


This GLOMACS virtual conference features Human Resource experts presenting important and proven understandings and techniques relating to workforce issues and how the global pandemic has created stress, anxiety on all any company’s workforce. The topics to be covered include:

  • The role of the function of Human Resources and how it supports managing the workforce in trying times
  • The role of underlying HR technology and how it supports the needed tracking and reporting of the workforce by using the data to guide decisions
  • Best practices in engaging employees who are Working from Home as Remote Teams and techniques for keeping them motivated and performing as best they can


  • What to do about COVID-19?
  • How HR Technology Supports the Role of Human Resources, Post-COVID-19?
  • Best Practices for Work from Home Success (WFH)
Course Outline


What to Do About COVID-19?

  • HR Requirements During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • COVID-19. What are we dealing with?
  • Human Resources Steps Up
  • Leading Through the Crisis
  • Re-opening Safely


How HR Technology Supports the Role of Human Resources, Post- COVID-19?

  • Features and Functions of a top tier – best practice HRMS solution provider software application
  • Typical Project Team composition, steps in evaluation and selection, costs and timeframes for implementing an HR Technology solution
  • Why HR Tech must be in place to support the workforce during COVID?
  • Important Metrics related to COVID– using data from an HRMS
  • Other Metrics and Analytics for HR to act as a Strategic Business Partner in a global company
  • Future Trends in HR Technology – 2020 and beyond

Best Practices for Work from Home Success (WFH)


Helping the transition to working virtually / from home with a 5-step guide.  Participants will use this guide to set up their space, creating effective habits and rituals for working remotely.

  • Set up the environment and conditions to self-manage my work and maintain a reasonable work-life balance (work-life blending)
  • Maximize virtual communication with colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Plan and act to keep projects and deliverables on track
  • Keep the Human Connection strong while working virtually (social distancing requires Human Connection)
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