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Can we inspire our people to ever greater results?

How to build trust as authentic leaders & exceed organisational expectations?

July 24, 2019  

As business reconfigures itself, many leaders—even experienced leaders—are left wondering how to reach the ever more ambitious targets demanded of them and their people, often in the face of dwindling resources. Traditional structures are breaking… Read More

Business Has Never Been So Tough

What do your customers expect?

July 23, 2019  

Business has never been so tough. Many organizations have been hit by a ‘Perfect Storm’ of a lowering of International Trade and Tariff barriers, easy access to foreign investment and human capital and the ‘world-shrinking’… Read More

An Award-winning Professional Training

June 12, 2019  

GLOMACS is delighted and excited that this new course is now to be included to the award-winning list of professional training resources.  “Resilience” is defined as: “An organization’s capacity to anticipate disruptions, adapt to events,… Read More

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Wondered how this new technology started?

April 22, 2019  

GLOMACS are pleased to announce their new program in California from October 21st to the 25th, Understanding The Emerging Blockchain Business Model: Economic Applications And Implications For The Global Economy, This high-level 5-day seminar focuses… Read More

Digital Age is Here!

Is your leadership prepared accordingly?

March 26, 2019  

Leadership is a concept that is perhaps as old as time. However, despite being one of the most critical skills, first of existence and then of progress, the idea of leadership evolved very slowly through… Read More

Are you soon sitting in a Boardroom?

March 24, 2019  

Are you an active Director/Officer serving in one or more Boards? Have you recently joined a Board for the first time? Are you soon sitting in a Boardroom? GLOMACS is pleased to introduce a new… Read More

Managing VUCA: How Ready are you?

October 2, 2018  

Global Financial Crisis, Industrial Pollution, Global Warming, Brexit, the Crumbling Euro, Immigrant Crisis – What does it feel like to be leading today? Behind closed doors, many executives confide that they sometimes feel overwhelmed by… Read More

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