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Public Private Partnership (PPP) Training Courses:

The most common first thought of people is that the government is the regulator to control or "police" how private companies operate and make their profits. Governments and private companies are perceived to play two independent or even conflicting roles. However, in many cases, governments and private companies form a partnership for profit-making or for providing infrastructure assets or services to the public.

The GLOMACS Public Private Partnership (PPP) training courses will illustrate the lessons learned and critical success factors of Public Private Partnership via real cases, both from the perspectives of the public, government, and private companies. The process of forming a Public Private Partnership in different countries will be discussed. So, both government officials and private company executives will be equipped better to form a more sustainable and fruitful Public Private Partnership after attending the Public Private Partnership (PPP) training courses. GLOMACS Public Private Partnership (PPP) training courses includes Public – Private Partnership in the Road Sector, Negotiating and Managing PPP Contracts, etc.