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Employee training is a significant investment for all organizations. When an organization has a group of employees with the same training need, an in-house training course can be the most economical and ideal solution.

GLOMACS bespoke Solutions offers you the opportunity to benefit from the wide ranging expertise of our extensive pool of experienced trainers who can deliver the in-house training course you need, when you need it and where you need it.

Why In-House Training Course?

  • Cost-effective – reduced associated costs for travel, accommodation and time away from work
  • Convenient – training in your premises that suits your operational requirements at your most convenient time
  • Customized – fully tailored bespoke program and organization-specific hence, no package is identical

GLOMACS has a very unique identity which has been built to ensure that we constantly meet your needs

  • Quality – ISO 9001: 2015 & 29993:2017 certified
  • Accreditations – Provides certified courses on demand that suites your learning program
  • Expert Speakers – Programs are delivered by speakers with proven successful track records, excellent subject matter expertise and Professional Associations, Memberships and Certifications
  • Experiential Approach – Focuses on practical skills and exercises with approach that can be directly transferred to your workplace
  • Client-Oriented – Identifies who are you as our clients and builds long-term relationship with your organization

Our systems comply with the highest international standards and we constantly appraise the performance of all our support teams and instructors so that you will be delighted with the outcome of the training of your employees.

  • Training Needs Analysis and Identification
  • Definition of Learning Objectives
  • Drafting and Development of Training Syllabus
  • Learning Assessment – Reporting
  • Evaluation and Optimization
  • Certification

Our core clients are from the global oil and gas industry together with the services that support them in finance, telecommunication, health, and related business sectors. We also serve the governments worldwide and major public bodies. The bespoke courses and specifically tailored in-house training courses that we offer are part of a drive to develop worldwide talent pool.

GLOMACS Bespoke Solutions

We only reach our goals when we help you reach your goals. The way we do that is unique to GLOMACS

Contact GLOMACS at or call +971 (04) 425 0700 for more information or to request a quotation for an in-house training course. You can also select components from a number of GLOMACS training courses for a customized solution, specific to your organization’s needs. Simply complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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