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Post Pandemic Planning

What you need to know before attending a training course? For over 3 decades, GLOMACS has been training delegates from organizations worldwide, providing them with industry-recognized and internationally accredited courses (ILM, HRCI, IAM, IIBA, PMI, NEBOSH,

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Working Remotely – 7 Useful Hacks

Whether it’s due to the current volatility or your employer’s policy, remote working is here to stay. If you have been recently required to work remotely for the next couple of weeks, here are some

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Drugs for Profit or Human Need?

The cure for the pandemic is still looming at large. Has the pharmaceutical industry so far failed? The privatized health care model is producing drugs for profit rather than human need. It can’t provide the

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The Fed cuts, will it help?

On March 15, 2020, in a major emergency response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Federal Reserve lowered its interest rate target to a range of 0% to 0.25%. This second rate cut in less than

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Coronavirus Stress

As coronavirus (COVID-19) news spreads, it has created stress for many of us. For others, it has added to existing anxieties. Sensationalized stories add to our angst and panic. The stock market has responded with

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Managing Emotions and Evaluating Credibility

Dr. Paul Ekman is one of the world’s leading psychologists in the study of emotion. He was named by the American Psychological Association, one of the 100 most influential psychologists of the 20th century, and

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Can we inspire our people to ever greater results?

As business reconfigures itself, many leaders—even experienced leaders—are left wondering how to reach the ever more ambitious targets demanded of them and their people, often in the face of dwindling resources. Traditional structures are breaking

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Business Has Never Been So Tough

Business has never been so tough. Many organizations have been hit by a ‘Perfect Storm’ of a lowering of International Trade and Tariff barriers, easy access to foreign investment and human capital and the ‘world-shrinking’

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An Award-winning Professional Training

GLOMACS is delighted and excited that this new course is now to be included to the award-winning list of professional training resources.  “Resilience” is defined as: “An organization’s capacity to anticipate disruptions, adapt to events,

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