Funny Story, But Unfortunately It’s More Precise!

July 6, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

John goes over to his friend Tony’s house to watch a game. When he walks in he notices Tony has a bandage on each of his ears. Puzzled, he asks him what happened.

  • John: How exactly did you manage to hurt both your ears?
  • Tony:Well, I was ironing my shirt when the phone rang; without thinking I lifted the iron to my ear thinking I was answering the phone.
  • John: Well that explains one bandage, what about the other?
  • Tony:They called me back!

Funny story, but unfortunately it’s more precise than we’d like to believe. We do many things without thinking, they are simply a gut reaction. Often those reactions work in our favor…and sometimes they don’t.

The same holds true for a worker on the shop floor. If you are someone who is naturally comfortable with risk and impulsive, on a typical day when things are calm and stress-free you may take the time to get the right type of ladder before you work at heights.

However, under high stress situations, our “true colors” are often revealed, especially with respect to safety behavior.

How to improve safety DNA of your organization, it’s leadership and the employees?

Effective training has an important role here.

3 trainings that can guide your safety journey?

Advanced Accident Investigation & Reporting

Advanced Safety Leadership

Developing an Effective Safety Culture

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