Petrophysics, Science or Art?

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Petrophysics, Science or ArtPetrophysics is a specialty programme that combines knowledge of petroleum engineering, geophysics and geology and quantitatively determines rock and fluid properties. There have been huge investments on new technologies over the last 40 years to develop highly sophisticated tools that acquire better and more complete formation properties readings, worth mention the new generation sonic, magnetic resonance and formation samplers.

All these tools are based on physical principles and their development is definitively a science, so, if we use science to achieve something like formation evaluation for hydrocarbon detection and quantification then we can definitively say that petrophysics is a science.

During the formation evaluation process the petrophysicist have to deal with multiple sources of information with very different resolutions and magnitude orders, like the SEM (microns), SCAL and RCAL (centimeters), wireline or LWD logs (meters) and seismic (tens to hundreds of meters), being able to integrate all those measurements in a consistent and realistic model as closed as possible to the actual reservoir is an art.

So the answer to the title question is: “Petrophysics is both, an art and a science.” – says Angel Meso, International Senior Consultant with GLOMACS.

If you want to get deeper into the world of Petrophysics and get useful tips and techniques to deal with the rock and fluid properties found in oil reservoirs and how to interpret and evaluate them, you can take a look at any of these 2 GLOMACS Courses depending on your knowledge level Open and Cased Hole Log Interpretation or/and Advanced Log Interpretation.

Angel Meso is a Petro physicist by profession, Well Log Analyst by inclination and an Enthusiastic instructor by design. With 30 years of experience Angelo has delivered more than 100 courses for companies like Shell, Chevron, PDVSA, Ecopetrol, PEMEX, Conoco-Phillips, PETROBRAS, YPF and others in several countries around the world. Angelo was the official Schlumberger instructor for basic and advanced log interpretation training in Venezuela for 12 years, also was official instructor of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance principles and interpretation for the Schlumberger’s senior field engineers school.

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