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In the late 1990s the UN system adopted results based management (RBM) to improve the effectiveness and accountability  of UN agencies.

Considered a key management approach, Results-Based Management (RBM) is a core staff skill every  practitioner, professional or manager involved in policy making and project outcome should acquire.

The consistent use of RBM enables us to keep a project on track and to achieve stated objectives and goals. Strengthen your ability to ensure that every internal program and project achieves their intended results with this self-paced workshop on Results-Based Management.

While a considerable amount of literature is available about RBM concepts and techniques, it is to be emphasized that there are not that many effective training workshops focusing on the same. Recognising the need for such a training, GLOMACS introduces an informative workshop on “Result-Based Management (RBM)” to Maximize the Effectiveness of Programs and Projects within an Organization.

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