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Supply, Production, and Distribution of goods and services to domestic and international markets are considered as the main operational tasks of an Organization. These main operational tasks within an organization are being controlled and handled by the operations management professionals of every organization. Operations management professionals should possess expert knowledge in planning and controlling product inventory, efficient quality assurance systems, and management tools to carry out these tasks seamlessly.

Operational training courses enable each professional to enhance their skills and knowledge they need to drive a successful career in operations management and business success.

The Benefits of GLOMACS Operational Training Courses

GLOMACS operational training courses provide delegates with training that develops, maintains, or improves the operational readiness of individuals or units, from Project Management, Supply Chain, and Logistics to Auditing and Fraud. GLOMACS Operational Training Courses will also give expertise in how goods and services are being produced and distributed for local manufacturers, transportation companies, and multinational corporations.

Delivered by subject experts with decades of training experience, our operational training courses emphasize professional development and ensure that participants bring value to their organization and enhance their expert knowledge in the chosen subject. We offer an industry-leading portfolio of over 500 operational training courses year-round in 30 different training locations.  

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