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03 - 07 Jun 2024 Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia $5,950
14 - 18 Oct 2024 London - UK $5,950
Course Description


This essential and exciting GLOMACS Managing Corporate & Islamic Finance and Corporate Governance training course enables you to understand how to expand access to finance, develop your corporate's financial situation, and improve corporate governance in it and thereby enable you to protect your organization from any un-ethical issues and increase your stakeholders' value.

Managing corporate finance is broadly concerned with maximizing shareholder value through planning how to raise money best and use it effectively and managing the required finances and its sources. Corporate finance activities deal with financing, capital structuring, and investment decisions.

Use of the most appropriate financing and the techniques necessary to achieve strategic financial objectives now increasingly include Islamic finance, the fastest-growing element in the finance sector. Islamic finance operates according to Islamic law (sharia), and it is regulated by both Sharia'a and the financial services rules that govern the conventional banks.

Corporate governance is considered necessary for the organisational effectiveness, it is not only concerned with maximization of profit but also it is an attempt to make sure that companies are managed and controlled according to ethics, which are acceptable by the whole community.

This training course will highlight:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Regulation of Islamic Finance & its Terms
  • Key Sharia principles and prohibitions relevant to finance
  • Appraisal and financing of domestic and international capital investment projects
  • Financial planning and alternative financial strategies to maximise shareholder wealth
  • Management of Financial Risk
  • Corporate Governance Techniques, Strategies, and Methods


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Use the financial tools and techniques necessary to create corporate value and shareholder value
  • Understand the tools & techniques in Islamic banking and finance
  • Understand the essential Investment Vehicles and structure of Islamic financial services
  • Identify the working of the Shariah control and compliance systems in an Islamic Financial Institution
  • Evaluate the impact of alternative capital structures
  • Develop long-term economic planning models and strategies
  • Manage Financial Risk
  • Understanding the importance and relevance of corporate governance standards for Islamic Financial Institutions

Training Methodology

This interactive and user-friendly Managing Corporate & Islamic Finance and Corporate Governance training seminar answers the questions you have always wanted to ask about the management of corporate finance, Islamic finance and corporate governance. It is presented in a very hands-on way to suit individuals with varying levels of financial knowledge and experience using a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. It is conducted along workshop principles with formal presentations, numerous worked examples, and real-world experiences and scenarios. Team case studies and exercises and discussion reinforce the application of each of the learning points and topics covered.

Difficult mathematical concepts are minimised wherever possible and handled in a visual way that is easy to understand – our aim is for this to be an enjoyable learning experience.

Organisational Impact

You will go back to your workplace with an up-to-date and relevant skill-set that will benefit your organisation through:

  • An emphasis on the critical impact of financing decisions on organisational performance
  • The use of the appropriate long and short-term financing that matches the purposes for which it is required
  • Investment in risk-assessed capital projects that add real value to the organisation
  • Ensuring that the primary objective of shareholder wealth maximisation underpins all financial planning and decision-making
  • The tools and techniques of risk analysis and risk management used to mitigate and minimise the impact of financial risk
  • A corporate governance system of direction and control that facilitates effective and prudent management to deliver long-term success of the organisation

Personal Impact

This training seminar will greatly improve your skills in the use of the tools and techniques of financial management and their impact on organisational performance:

  • Identification of the alternative sources of long-term finance and Islamic finance
  • Evaluation of the impact of two of the most important features of corporate finance, capital structure (the proportions of debt and equity financing) and weighted average cost of capital  (WACC) on organisational performance and shareholder wealth maximisation
  • The DCF techniques of NPV, IRR, MIRR, and EAC to evaluate new domestic and international capital investment projects, and the techniques of capital budgeting and the profitability index (PI) to determine how financial resources may be optimally allocated between competing projects
  • Evaluation of risk relating to capital investment projects using sensitivity, simulation, and scenario analysis
  • The techniques of financial risk analysis and appropriate risk management tools, and insurance and hedging of interest rates and foreign currency exchange rates
  • The implementation of and reporting on systems of corporate governance
  • More effective communication on financial and strategic issues with financial and other professionals and sharing throughout the organisation the knowledge gained from the seminar


This GLOMACS Managing Corporate & Islamic Finance and Corporate Governance training course is designed for those that have been involved in the financial services sector or who wish to broaden their professional technical skills in Islamic finance and banking.

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Heads of Departments, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers and Finance Professionals in banks and financial institutions
  • Middle managers who require a more in-depth understanding of the concept of Islamic finance & corporate governance
  • Financial and Investment Analysts
  • Planning and Budgeting Managers
  • Corporate Reporting and Investor Relations Staff
  • External, Financial and Internal Auditors
  • Members of Audit and Advisory Committees for public / private sector
  • Risk and Compliance Managers
  • Staff who support the Board or with responsibility for governance
  • Mangers in the regulators and other key Stakeholders within the public / private sector
  • Business Consultants and Professional Advisers
Course Outline


The Framework of Corporate Finance & Capital Investment 

  • Corporate Finance and its Importance
  • The Financial Statements – What do they tell us about financing?
  • Long-term & Short-term Financing
  • Cost of Equity, Cost of Debt and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Capital Structure Models
  • Future Values, Present Values and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Capital Investment Appraisal Techniques
  • Capital Budgeting, Capital Rationing and the Profitability Index (PI)


Overview of Islamic Banking & Finance

  • The Growth of the Islamic Finance Industry
  • Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Shariah and Fiqh Principles
  • Takaful And Islamic Wealth Management
  • Islamic Banking Financial Instruments
  • Islamic Investment, especially Sukuks
  • Regulatory Environment of Islamic Banking
  • The Global Standing of the Islamic Capital Market


Sharia 'a Fundamentals in Islamic Banking 

  • Definition of Sharia’a and Its Salient Characteristics
  • Sources of Sharia’a
  • Ethics in Sharia'a - Compliant Business and Finance
  • Major Sharia’a Prohibitions and Principles and their Implications
  • Shariah Compliance Risks in Islamic Banking
  • Sharia’a Supervisory Board (SSB)
  • Corporate and Sharia’a Governance
  • Shariah Audit and Legal Issues in Islamic Finance


Financial Planning and Financial Risk in Islamic Financial Services 

  • Long-term Financial Plans to Determine Funding Requirements
  • Financial Techniques Applied by Islamic Banks
  • Financial Planning Models
  • Identify Types of Risk in Your Organization
  • Credit Risk in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Liquidity Risk in Islamic Financial Products
  • Financial Risk Management and Behavioural Finance
  • Risk Management Process in Islamic Financial Services


Corporate Governance in Islamic banking

  • Elements of Corporate Governance in Islamic Banking
  • Governance Structures
  • Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Role of Non-executive
  • Disclosure and Transparency
  • The roles of Auditors and Directors
  • The Need for Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Nomination, Remuneration and Internal Audit Committees
  • Corporate Governance Reporting in The Annual Report and Accounts
  • Design Report
  • Design Evaluations and Assessments
  • On successful completion of this training course, GLOMACS Certificate will be awarded to the delegates
  • Continuing Professional Education credits (CPE) : In accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsor, one CPE credit is granted per 50 minutes of attendance
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