10 things that Good Supervisors do differently

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10 things that Good Supervisors do differently

Becoming a great supervisor is all about developing your team. When your team can efficiently accomplish the tasks, then you can attend training, take a vacation or go to a meeting and the department doesn’t fall apart.

You will find many organizations who do not provide adequate supervisory training to their employees who are getting promoted to supervisory positions.  This failure compounds the problems caused by the tendency to promote technically skilled employees who frequently show no particular leadership skills or who sometimes even have little interest in becoming supervisors.

Expert studies points out that the typical supervisor spends about 40% of his or her time leading other people and 40% performing technical or professional work. Another 15% of the time is spent training, counseling, and appraising, and about 5% is devoted to other tasks.

Here are 10 things which great supervisors do differently:

1. Great supervisors treat others as they would like to be treated.

2. Great supervisors radiate integrity.

3. Great supervisors lead by example.

4. Great supervisors display humility.

5. Great supervisors listen and communicate well.

6. Great supervisors encourage the best in people.

7. Great supervisors acknowledge others.

8. Great supervisors freely delegate and build capabilities.

9. Great supervisor multiply talent.

10. Great supervisors lead employees to the right answers.

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