Encourage Complaints…Why?

April 2, 2017 © Copyright Glomacs

Because a complaining customer is providing a company with an invaluable service. In a stroke they are giving valuable feedback, quality control information and are more often than not, giving you a chance to put a problem right.

The best customer is one who is completely satisfied.
The next best customer is dissatisfied and complains.
The worst customer is the one who is dissatisfied and doesn’t complain.

This last example represents a lost customer. They will not give any feedback and not allow you to put the problem right. They will simply walk away and look for a better supplier of their product. Contrary to how it may feel to be the recipient of a customer complaint, it is a wonderful opportunity if embraced with commitment and integrity. You can turn customer complaints into valuable assets. Customers who take the time to complain are also taking the time to tell you what went wrong with your process, your product or your communication. If you can fix the problem for one complaining customer it may help many other customers, including the ones who never contacted you.

Our International trainer is scheduled to present the GLOMACS training on “Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction” in Dubai from 16-20 April 2017

On this training, the instructor will elaborate more on what to measure and how to measure it in order to deliver the outputs the customer wants.

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