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22 Apr - 03 May 2024 Dubai - UAE $11,900
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This training course is split into two modules:

MODULE I - TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears

MODULE II - Transformer Operational Principles , Selection & Troubleshooting

Each module is structured and can be taken as a stand-alone training course; however, delegates will maximise their benefits by taking Module 1 and 2 back-to-back as a 2-week training course.

Course Outline
Module 1: TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears


The Role and Importance of the Medium & High Voltage Air Insulated and Gas Insulated Switchgears in Power Systems

  • Circuit Breakers, Ring Mains Unit and Earth Switches
  • Switchgear Symbols on Single-line Diagrams
  • Switchgear Selection
  • Substation Switchgear Layouts
  • Substation Arrangements
  • Auto-reclosers
  • Air Insulated Switchgear vs. Gas Insulated Switchgears
  • Live Tank and Dead Tank HV Circuit Breakers


Sulphur HexaFlouride (SF6), Green Gas for Grid and Vacuum Circuit Breakers

  • Compression Principles
  • SF6 Hazards and Test Equipments
  • Dead and Live Tank HV Circuit Breakers
  • Operation Mechanisms of HV Circuit Breakers
  • Vacuum Interrupters Operation and Maintenance
  • Types of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Characteristics
  • Other Applications and Installations of Vacuum Interrupters
  • Vacuum Contactors


TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears Blueprint, Components, Operation and Maintenance

  • Air Insulated Switchgear
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear
  • Single and Double Busbar Switchgear
  • TAMCO Switchgear Special Features
  • Interpreting TAMCO Blueprint
  • Ring Mains Unit
  • Neutral Earth Resistors
  • Container Sub-station


Maintenance and Testing of TAMCO High Voltage Switchgears

  • Importance of Maintenance and Testing
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Preventive and Condition-based Maintenance Services including Thermography
  • TAMCO material lists and layout diagrams
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Maintenance Post-commissioning
  • Typical Switchgear Temperature Alarms


Protection and Types of Relay of High Voltage Installation Incorporating TAMCO Switchgears

  • Characteristics of Switching Devices
  • Fault Currents
  • Short Circuit Current Situation
  • Protective Relay Types and Characteristics
  • Busbar Arrangement Protection Schemes
  • Numerical and Solid State Relays
  • Differential Relays
  • Wrap-up Session with Q&A
Module 2: Transformer Operational Principles , Selection & Troubleshooting


Introduction and Characteristics of Transformers

  • General Classification and Types of Transformer
  • Transformer Windings, Interconnection of Windings and Tertiary Windings
  • Parallel Operation of Transformers and Paralleling Requirements
  • Standards for Transformers, Types and Requirements
  • Oil-filled and Dry-type Transformers
  • Ability to Withstand Short Circuit, Impedance Percentage and Sound Level


Power Transformer Application and Instrument Transformers

  • Transformer Oil, Characteristics, Oil Oxidation and  Breakdown Voltage
  • Effect of Oil Expansion, Breathing Action, Buchholz Relay, Explosion Vents
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Transformers for Industrial Applications
  • Internal and External Cooling of Transformers
  • On Load Tap Changer Functionalities


Transformer and Compliance with a Global Warming Potential

  • Thermal Performance and Cyclic Rating of Transformers
  • Transformer Winding and Core Construction
  • Introduction of Smart Transformers
  • Ester Base Oils for New Generation Transformers
  • Sound and Noise Levels in Transformers
  • Gas Insulated Transformers


Transformer Protection, Operation and Maintenance

  • Transformer Protection Systems
  • Earth Fault and Over-current Protection of Distribution Transformers
  • Transformer Components Maintenance
  • Condition-based Maintenance for Transformers
  • Special Transformer Test and Diagnostic Instruments
  • Remote Monitoring of Transformers

DAY 10

Transformer Testing and Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Transformer Faults
  • Site Acceptance Tests
  • Transformer Routine Tests
  • Measurement of Winding Resistance and Voltage Ratio
  • Sweep Response Frequency Analysis and Tan Delta Tests
  • Manufacturer and Transformer Type Tests
  • Partial Discharge Tests and Accuracy of Test Reports
  • Wrap-up Session, Questions and Answers
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