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It is a fact, that if the business has strong potential for growth, or may have innovative ideas and products, or need access to new markets and distribution networks, or need sharing in risk and resources, a Joint Venture will be the common way of combining resources and expertise of unrelated companies. There are many benefits to this type of partnership to help a business grow faster, increase productivity and generate greater profits. There are different types of joint ventures and you should understand the features of each type of these JVs, terminologies, conditions, legal issues, accounting and financial techniques used in their system.


GLOMACS portfolio of training seminars under JV, enable you to understand the Essentials of Accounting, Financing, Auditing, Monitoring, Operating Principles, Cost Control, Risk Management and Various Agreements in your JV organization. You will develop your way and methodology in dealing with partners, teams, and regulators, learn new techniques to achieve your JV\'s goals & objectives and get the professional path to growth in your sector.

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