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21 - 25 Oct 2024 London - UK $5,950
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This Downstream Economics and Management training course explores essential topics such as key concepts, strategies, and best practices related to the downstream sector of the economy. It is specifically designed to focus on industries that deal with refining, distributing, and marketing products derived from natural resources.

This Downstream Economics and Management training course aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge of the economic principles and managerial techniques necessary to manage downstream industry operations successfully.

During this 5-day GLOMACS Downstream Economics and Management training course, you can expect to:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the downstream sector, its importance, and its role within the broader economy.
  • Explore the fundamental economic theories and principles that underpin downstream operations, including supply and demand dynamics, pricing strategies, and market analysis.
  • Gain insight into the various aspects of downstream management, such as refining processes, distribution networks, inventory management, and marketing strategies.
  • Learn how to analyze and evaluate the financial performance of downstream operations, including cost management, profitability analysis, and investment decision-making.
  • Understand the environmental and regulatory considerations specific to downstream industries and learn how to integrate sustainable practices into operational strategies.

Training Methodology

The Downstream Economics and Management training course will employ a combination of lectures, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises to facilitate learning and application of concepts. Participants will be encouraged to actively engage in discussions and share their experiences to enhance the learning experience.

Real-world examples and industry insights will be incorporated to provide a practical perspective on downstream economics and management.

Organisational Impact

By choosing GLOMACS for your training needs, your organization will experience the following:

  • Improved operational efficiency by applying best practices in refining, distribution, and marketing.
  • Enhanced profitability through effective pricing strategies, optimized inventory management, and cost control.
  • Better market positioning and competitive advantage through strategic marketing and sales approaches.
  • Enhanced understanding of regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability, ensuring responsible and compliant operations.
  • Development of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce capable of driving innovation and growth within the downstream sector.

Personal Impact

Upon completion of the Downstream Economics and Management training course, attendees will have met the following personal learning objectives:

  • Enhanced knowledge of downstream industries and their economic dynamics, leading to improved decision-making skills.
  • Proficiency in analyzing market trends, demand patterns, and pricing strategies, enabling participants to develop effective marketing and sales approaches.
  • Understanding of refining processes and distribution networks, empowering participants to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.
  • Ability to evaluate financial performance and make informed investment decisions, contributing to organizational growth and profitability.
  • Familiarity with environmental sustainability practices, enabling participants to align downstream operations with sustainable development goals.
Course Outline


Introduction to Downstream Economics and Management

  • Overview of the course objectives, structure, and expected outcomes
  • Importance of the downstream sector and its contribution to the economy
  • Key trends, challenges, and opportunities in downstream industries
  • Understanding Economic Theories and Principles in Downstream Operations


Refining Processes and Optimization Techniques

  • Overview of refining operations and the conversion of raw materials into finished products
  • Refinery configurations, process optimization, and efficiency improvement techniques
  • Supply Chain Management in Downstream Industries
  • Managing risks and disruptions in the downstream supply chain
  • Inventory Management and Demand Forecasting


Pricing Strategies and Market Analysis

  • Pricing considerations and strategies in downstream industries
  • Pricing models, including cost-based, value-based, and competitor-based approaches
  • Market analysis techniques, such as market research, segmentation, and competitive benchmarking
  • Marketing and Sales Approaches in Downstream Industries
  • Building strong customer relationships and loyalty in the downstream sector
  • Evaluating different pricing decisions and their impact on profitability


Financial Analysis in Downstream Operations

  • Financial statements analysis for downstream businesses
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring financial performance
  • Analyzing profitability, liquidity, and solvency in downstream operations
  • Cost Management and Profitability Analysis
  • Investment Decision-Making in the Downstream Sector
  • Risk assessment and sensitivity analysis in investment decision-making


Environmental Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance

  • Understanding environmental considerations and regulations in downstream operations
  • Assessing the environmental impact of refining, distribution, and marketing activities
  • Implementing sustainable practices and managing environmental risks
  • Integrating Sustainable Practices into Downstream Operations
  • Strategies for incorporating sustainability principles into downstream business models
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