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Like all our GLOMACS training courses, our ten-day training courses combine high-quality content with exceptional teachers and trainers to give you a first-class learning experience.

GLOMACS 10-day training courses are delivered in two modules, one each week. Although the modules can stand alone and allow for flexibility if you cannot dedicate two successive weeks to training, they are best taken together. Our trainers will build on the knowledge from each training module, providing you with an in-depth training experience.

All GLOMACS 10-day short training courses have clearly defined learning outcomes, so you know exactly what to expect. Many of our 10-day training courses have external accreditation from organisations such as NASBA, HRCI, the UK CPD Certification Service, ILM and more, attesting to their content and quality.

Attending a GLOMACS course means having more impact when you return to your job. Whether that’s from the technical skills you have learned, the greater returns on your leadership, or the new energy and creativity you can bring to your role. A GLOMACS training course is an investment in your organisation and, most importantly, in you.

With hundreds of training courses scheduled, use our course finder or get in touch to find the right training course for you at the right time and place. 

If you are looking for in-house training course, just get in touch, and we can deliver one of our exceptional courses just for you. A GLOMACS training course can unlock your potential. The first step is booking one.

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